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Exclusive: Michael Savage declares, ‘The neocons don’t care which side you’re on’

Let me make sense of what’s happening in Ukraine for you as that country descends into armed chaos, threatening to oust the legitimately elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and place the country in the hands of rebel forces spearheaded by Ukrainian neo-Nazis and Chechen Islamist radicals.

Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, along with Obama adviser and designated liar Susan Rice, are neo-conservatives, neocons for short. The neocons, first in the form of the Trilateral Commission and more recently as the Carlyle Group, thrive on military conflict. When the world is at war, the neocons and the defense contractors who work with them make enormous amounts of money.

The neocons don’t care which side you’re on, as long as they can work with you to create a political situation that they can grow into a war from which they will profit.

The Ukrainian “revolution” was fostered and encouraged by Nuland, Rice and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt. These three were instrumental in staging a destabilization campaign. Working with Ukrainian neo-Nazis, they fostered the Ukrainian uprising that has caused elected the Ukrainian president to flee from Kiev.

Arizona Sen. John McCain was also part of this duplicity. McCain went to Kiev in December last year and helped incite the mobs that would overthrow the legitimately elected president. If there were such a thing as a Nobel Anti-Peace Prize, McCain would win it hands down for his work in Egypt and Syria, topped off by what he’s done in Ukraine.

The U.S.-supported insurgents have taken over Kiev and now hold the Ukrainian people hostage as the U.S. stands down. Barack Obama mouthed the emptiest of words – there will be “costs” to Russia for military action against the insurgents – while the U.S. found that its hands were tied.

In the early stages of the rebellion, Ukrainian President Yanukovich met with the rebels staging the uprising, and the two parties agreed to stop the violence and make an orderly transition to a new government chosen in a new set of elections. Instead, the right-wing rebels ignored the agreement and took over Kiev by force, with their armed patrols maintaining control through violence.

The situation in Ukraine has been painted as a conflict between Vladimir Putin’s Russia, the so-called bad guys, and Ukrainian rebels, the so-called good guys who seek to oust Russia from a position of influence in Ukraine and install a new government that will be responsive to the Ukrainian people…..

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How many of us wanted to slap ourselves, better yet a Progressive when hearing of another Obama red line?

First Obama started the green revolution, and then he stood by and did nothing while Iran slaughtered thousands of young protesters in the streets or Iran.  Then he started the Arab Spring and did nothing while hundreds of thousands were slaughtered in the Middle East.  Then he gassed up the heads of Egyptians, which caused an Egyptian vendor to pour gasoline over his body and light a match.  That started an uprising in Egypt, which continues to re-ignite, then came Syria.

Oh yes let us not forget Venezuela who our government boasts that it is proud of.  REALITY CHECK: Venezuelan government and Cuban government are evil.  COMMUNISM is BAD and so are our Communist leaders for that matter.

Adding coal to the fire, Obama is still funding jihadists (Al Qaeda) in Syria and now freaking Ukraine and Crimea where he is propping up Neo-Nazis to destroy Vladimir Putin and Russia.  In the meantime, Americans are fed an illusion by the media, approved by the White House.  While Putin is no angel, Obama is dripping from head to toe in the blood of the innocent from every continent and moving the planet towards WORLD WAR III.  This has to stop and folks had better wake up.

H/t Brittius.com.