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…Whether or not you may decide a ConCon is a direction to go, it is imperative to trust the leadership behind the organization promoting it. Major concern exists with one very visible effort, CompactForAmerica.org

Compact for America (CFA) is promoting their brand of ConCon as a “BBA” or balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. They have a pathway to doing this that would supposedly cut the process from years to months. A critique of their proposal can be found here. However, whether you agree with their proposal or not, it is the leadership behind this particular effort that needs much closer scrutiny.

CFA is made up of three board members and an advisory council with some impressive resumes under their belts. However, some of them have previously been involved in work and associations that bring great concern about anything they would be leading, as well as their long term agenda….

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Below are just a handful of the groups, names that have been attached to the movement for a Constitutional Convention, names and organizations of which should serve as a warning to all that this ConCon is other than what it is asserted to be.

Compact for America
Progressive Democrats of America
David Barton
Glenn Beck
Mark Levin
Mark Meckler
Van Jones
Nancy Pelosi
Occupy Wall Street
George Soros
Nick Dranias
Beck, Meckler, Barton and Levin are playing for the wrong team….or can it be that they are actually party to the Progressive establishment?

In any event, note the players, the writing is on the wall, deception is in the air. No Constitutional Convention.