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Obama dance gangnam style

In spite of reports across the globe that Al Qaeda is expanding, Barack Obama at the behest of fellow Muslims in Pakistan, will once again declare that Al Qaeda has been decimated.

To compound the deceit, Obama will stop adding the names of Al Qaeda leaders to his assassination list and declare victory.

Who would have thought it could be so easy to rid ourselves of these blood thirsty barbarians….again, and again, and again.

Long War Journal

If you want to ‘end the war’ against al Qaeda, one good way would be to declare that all of the global terror group’s leaders are dead, and declare victory. And this seems to be exactly what the Obama administration is doing. And pretty much doing it at the behest of our ‘friends’ in Pakistan….

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So what will Obama who always stands on the side of the Muslim do with all of those drones?

Not to worry America. Give it a few months, and then look up.

As reported by CNN,  al Qaeda controls “more territory in the Arab world than it has done at any time in its history.”

Al Qaeda has been decimated to the extent jihadists are training young children to become the next wave of jihadists throughout the Middle East, Asia and Southeast Asia.  (sarcasm)

Screenshot graduation ceremony cub jihadists IRAQ Collage

Below is a graduation ceremony (not in English) of the graduation ceremony of Iraqi cub jihadists.

And clips of the week (below) really drives home the point that Al Qaeda is no longer a terrorist threat.

The American in me says that children are innocent.  As a grandmother, it occurs to me that droning this kid could very well save us (thinking out loud) grief later on, i.e., considering this cub jihadist lasts that long.

No matter how many pens Barack Obama has in his possession, he cannot write the future; and about that victory dance he’s dying to do, spare the world, another dog and pony show.