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Image courtesy of The Daily Sheeple.

Image courtesy of The Daily Sheeple.

Secrets of the Fed

…Just a few years ago, the former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was preparing a bill where the government would confiscate every 401K and IRA in the U.S., and translate those funds into a ‘guaranteed’ annuity.  This fell through as the Democrats lost the House of Representatives in 2010, but the idea has not been far from the minds of Progressives as President Obama’s assumed proposal would be the beginning of a path to complete confiscation of more than $14 trillion owned by American citizens….

Are you paying attention America? There is $14 trillion plus of working Americans’ money at stake and the Communist elites are calculating a strategy to confiscate of every last dime.

Economic Policy Journal

It’s a trap. It will make your savings highly visible to the government, very vulnerable to future special taxes and it drives investments in the direction of financing the government with your savings, rather than the productive private sector. That’s what myRA is all about….

Canceled healthcare plans, nudging Americans into Obamacare followed by a ponzi scheme that would result in the confiscation of retirement nest eggs of hard working Americans….

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