anigif_enhanced-15940-1391041337-1 Kimmel Pre-Interview of SOTU re SOTU

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew out on to the street, Hollywood Boulevard in California to get the opinions of people who allegedly watched “President Obama’s SOTU last night.”  One problem – the SOTU had not occurred yet. Kimmel was actually interviewing them the day before the SOTU not the day after.  I do not know if we have become a nation of liars but you have to see the responses (video below) to believe it. #LieWitnessNews.



While the video is funny, it is embarrassing and the reason why some people should not vote.  The above video serves shows us just how many people in this country are tuned out to what is going on in government.

Their ignorance and willingness to lie about it or maybe they are just too embarrassed to admit their naivety is a disheartening testament to the future of our nation.

Source of Reactionary GIF:  Buzzfeed who has created several reactionary gifs from screenshots in the video.  Very funny and definitely worth checking out.