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Hitting an all-time low in our educational institutions are those fighting tooth and nail to keep our children in the dark as to atrocities committed against mankind; namely, by the Communist Party.

Case in point, the Pennsylvania State Education Association is standing in the way of a proposed legislation that would mandate the education of public school children, grades six through 12 on Nazi Germany, the Holocaust, human rights violations and genocide.

The teacher’s union, however, would beg to differ.


…It would require schools to teach about ‘the history of the Holocaust, including the Third Reich dictatorship, concentration camp system, persecution of Jews and non-Jews, Jewish and non-Jewish resistance and post-World War II trials.’

Genocide, human rights violations and ‘the abridgement of civil rights’ would be included topics, as well.

This is all apparently too much for the teachers union, which, at the same time, conveniently provides numerous labor history lesson plans and materials on its website….


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