Screenshot Greg Gutfeld The Five

Published on YouTube Jan 27, 2014 by TPNN:

Greg Gutfeld lays out the rules for this years favorite political drinking game.

Getting ossified during Tuesday night’s SOTU will not be a problem for anyone who has listened to Obama’s past SOTUs.

Disclosure:  I do not drink alcohol, however, anyone who does and decides to imbibe by Gutfeld’s rules for tomorrow night’s SOTU drinking game, if you are a Conservative, please commit to memory that Facebook bans Conservatives at a drop of the hat.

Obama brosurance Ossified SOTU Drinking Game Collage

That being said, there will be no shortage of buzzed out folks on social media tomorrow night.

Finally, I am sending this video via email to every Progressive aka Liberal aka Democrat (regardless of their preferred label) that I know.  I will take care to target those die-hard Obama supporters who really believe that Republicans are racist and simply picking on their messiah.

Along with the video will be a note suggesting that the moonbats purchase a bottle of anything 80 proof plus and play the drinking game according to Gutfeld’s rules.

Then on Wednesday morning I will dispatch another email saying, “Oops my bad.  Meant to suggest you also purchase a bottle of aspirin.”