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William Barber II NAACP President North Carolina Division

William Barber II NAACP President North Carolina Division

In a disgusting display, Sunday evening just hours before the country celebrated the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., NAACP President, North Carolina division, Reverend William Barber II, commemorated the legacy of Dr. King by labeling the only Black Senator, Tim Scott, a Republican representing the state of South Carolina as a ventriloquist dummy for the tea party.

Refusing to lower himself to Barber’s level took the high road,  responded, Senator Scott, responded, “To reflect seriously on the comments a person — a pastor — that is filled with baseless and meaningless rhetoric would be to do a disservice to the very people who have sacrificed so much and paved a way.”

Last evening on CNN, Niger Innis, national spokesperson for Congress for Racial Equality and who is running for Congress in the state of Nevada called Barber out on his assault of the good senator. Surprisingly enough, Don Lemon took Barber to task as well.  You will note that Barber rather than respond to Lemon or Innis espoused talking points….as would a ventriloquist dummy.  H/t the Right Scoop.

For William “the pot calling the kettle black” Barber, card carrying member of the grievance industry, character assassin, poverty broker and overseer hired to keep Blacks on the Progressive plantation to speak of moral high ground without once looking in the mirror while masked as one doing the work of God is in itself heresy.

The NAACP and fellow race hustlers ceased being relevant to Black America decades ago.  Attacking Black Conservatives and doing the dirty work of the Communist slave masters will not return them to relevancy.

Sen. Scott discussed Barber’s remarks on the Kelly File last night.