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New Mexico Healthcare exchange site

According to public records obtained by National Review Online, the names of one out of every seven “certified” Obamacare navigators in the state of New Mexico have popped up in the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.

…A hit in the NCIC does not necessarily reflect a criminal conviction. The database can include, for example, arrest records and criminal cases that were dismissed or led to an acquittal, according to the FBI….

…The records obtained by NRO did not specify how many of the 38 navigators with NCIC hits had been convicted of a crime….

How assuring is it to know that millions of people are unknowingly giving their personal and financial information to possible criminals after Kathleen Sebelius confirmed at a hearing last year the likelihood of such occurrences.

The crimes committed by navigators whose names are showing up in the crime databases range from domestic violence to aggravated battery, and aggravated assault, drug charges and child abuse to name a few.

In addition, if it makes you feel better, New Mexican authorities want to assure you that they were careful not to license anyone that they considered a “risk.”

Gives all new meaning to “gangster government” or the “Obama Mafia.”


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