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As you may have heard, the IRS has proposed new rules that would severely restrict grassroots advocacy groups….
….The proposed rules would modify the definition of political activity for non-profit organizations.
Under the proposed IRS rules, here are some things that would be considered political activity: 
• Nonpartisan candidate forums that take place 30 days before a primary
• Nonpartisan candidate forums that take place 60 days before an election
• Any communication mentioning a political candidate or political party within 60 days of an election….

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Uploaded to Youtube on January 5, 2014 by FreedomWorksAction.


John Koskinen, the new head of the IRS is trying to squash the investigation of the Internal Revenue Service into targeting non-Progressives.  Koskinen announced Monday that “he believes the agency is ‘on the home stretch’ of completing the congressional investigations into possible political targeting of Tea Party groups.”

Translation:  The cover up is just about complete.  Oh yes and about the new IRS’ mentioned above, Koskinen that he hopes the new rules

….proposed in the wake of the scandal will take the IRS out of any ‘political judgment position,’ as the agency ‘needs to be non-political’ in order to function properly. To do so, Koskinen said that the Treasury Department needs to produce clearer regulations for the IRS to abide by.

‘I think the end goal of these investigations are that we need as much clarity as we can get,’ Koskinen said. ‘Everyone would gain, and we would avoid issues that we’ve had in the past if it were clearer what the definition of political activity is and how much of it (organizations) are allowed to engage in with as much clarity as possible and if it was clearer to whom those rules apply….’

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Koskinen made clear that his primary objective is reversing public opinion of the IRS….of course.  Forgive my language but these Communist bastards are full of it.  Their very existence offends me.