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National Review Online

To avoid getting bogged down in the witless minutiae of those who will studiously miss the point, let me get the boring stuff out of the way at the outset: Having nothing to do with the government, A&E’s suspension of duck-dynast Phil Robertson is not a First Amendment issue, and his freedom of speech has not been violated.By the same token, A&E, being a private company, can more or less do what it wants. Absent a hidden contractual provision or a subtle violation of employment law, the network was within its rights to suspend their star for what he said. That’s how liberty works.[…]

While I have never watched Duck Dynasty, I know for a fact that many of my family members and neighbors do.  My urban New Yorker son who does not travel south of the Mason-Dixon line often sits down with his wife, two children and together they watch Duck Dynasty together. 

After dinner, families across America come together to watch this program.  In addition, quality television programs that brings families together if only for an hour is lacking. 

Message to A&E: Tread carefully.