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Maggie’s Notebook

A couple of days ago I posted about the false-positive warning McAfee has had on my site, Maggie’s Notebook, for months. I’m asking you not to stop reading until you learn how McAfee makes the decision to ruin a blog’s reputation. See it below in purple text. Today I’ve learned that I’m not the only one, and specifically I’m not the only one flagged who has NO malicious coding or links on my site. Natural News, a very successful site, was flagged for the same reasons I am flagged. After Natural News posted the following headline, they heard from McAfee.

Big business in Trolling and cyberbullying websites

“…malicious defamation on innocent websites”

McAfee asked Natural News for $38,000.00 to remove the flags. They settled for $32,000.00 According to Natural News, the red flags were gone in minutes.[…]

Click Here To Read The Rest of: McAfee’s “Malicious Defamation on Innocent Websites:” NaturalNews Paid McAfee $32K to Clear Website Reputation – “Gangs of Online Paid Trolls”

I urge you to view Grumpy Opinions‘ earlier article entitled, “A Grinch Named McAfee Is Stealing My Integrity: I Need Your Help”.

Maggie’s Notebook has fallen prey to extortionists trolling internet websites. They are cyber bullies who stalk, disparage, and vilify websites whose owners often forced to pay thousands, even tens of thousands to clear their good name and a product that it took years to build.

Please spread the word and support Maggie’s Notebook. She is one of the best.