free speech zones

Place:  University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Campus

Police set up cones surrounding a young woman as a means of protection, i.e., safe zone.  She stands in the middle of the so-called safe zone exercising her right to free speech, the subject of which happens to be spreading the word of God.

A young man on a bike not too pleased with her sharing her faith rides up to her, a conversation ensues and enter the police who tase and take the biker down.

It goes downhill from there as the biker is screaming at police and atheists are verbally assaulting the woman blaming her for the young man being tased and arrested.  Warning:  Harsh language.

And from another angle.

There being two sides to every story, below is a video of the young man detained telling the story from his viewpoint.

 Stupid liberals.  It seems to me that they should have challenged the free speech zone rather than attack one exercising her right to free speech.