Every politician who swore on the bible to uphold the Constitutional and to represent those they were ELECTED to serve deserves to be run out of office and yes, as painful as it is, tarred and feathered. This free for all at our borders must end.

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Nor can terrorists take from our government the responsibility to protect our borders, and yet, in the name of eternal power and the intent to fundamentally change America, our government refuses to do that very thing.


Gun running, drug running, importing votes, importing terrorists, refusing to protect its people – Lady Liberty’s torch is already tainted.  How long until it drags thru streets of blood as the consequence of our government not doing its duty?


And the living dead cannot find the salvation of outrage for the victims already taken.


South Texas County Flirting With Bankruptcy—Due to the Cost of Burying Dead Illegal Immigrants 

Brooks County, southwest of Corpus Christi, may become the first county ever in Texas to file for bankruptcy.

But the problems facing the Brush Country county of 7000 people, which is largely made up of flat, arid prairie with a horizon line…

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