“…Bringing down America is not only Obama Inc’s mission, but the goal of every anti-American regime, red and green….”

Obsma dismantling USA 002

Adina Kutnicki

One has to understand some basic constructs to discern what lies beneath the transformation of America. This week’s castration of DOMA is less about the interpretation of the law, as opposed to – once again – tearing down the edifice of traditional America. As such, internal anti-American putsches are not disparate events. They are invariably linked, even if seemingly disjointed. The gutting of DOMA was deeply in play, even if it seems that the Supreme Court was merely rendering a judicial verdict. But in order to see past the surface, a few basic ingredients are necessary to recognize what’s what. Root by root.

Basically, over many decades, a disinformation campaign has been imported from communist infiltrators into America’s power centers. But its revolutionary core came to fruition under the reign of Obama, as he is a disinformation devotee. …

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One need not be a rocket scientist to realize that the undertakings of Barack Jimmy Hussein Carter Obama, the most anti-biblical-hostile leader in the history of the Republic, these past years as celebrated by Progressives were in place to dismantle the cultural, economic, familial, historical, judicial, spiritual and traditional fabric of America unless, of course, one is a Progressive, many of whom will live to lament having voted for a despot not once by twice.