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Obama i lie


If the White House illegally had the Koch Brothers tax returns, which, per the article below, it appears they did, then Obama has been working with the IRS for 2 years to wage a war on his political enemies. Today he said he just learned about the IRS war Friday.

Excerpted from a September 20, 2010 article in The Weekly Standard: …a lawyer for Koch Industries now tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD that the administration may have crossed a line by revealing tax information about Koch Industries. According to Mark Holden, senior vice president and general counsel of Koch Industries, a senior Obama administration official told reporters at an August 27 on-the-record background briefing on corporate taxes:

So in this country we have partnerships, we have S corps, we have LLCs, we have a series of entities that do not pay corporate income tax. Some of which are really giant firms, you know Koch Industries is a multibillion dollar businesses…..


Less than 24 hours ago, Barack Hussein Obama made the following statement regarding the Internal Revenue Service illegally auditing Conservative and Libertarian entities.

“I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this.  I think it was on Friday….If in fact the IRS personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on uh..and were intentionally targeting Conservative groups then that’s outrageous and there’s no place for it…”

Jay Carney Liar Politifake

Below are remarks from Jay Carney made last Friday:

0:44 “…My understanding is this matter is under investigation by the IG at the IRS…uh… fact of the matter is what we know about this uh… is of concern and we certainly find the uh… actions taken uh… as reported to be inappropriate and we would fully expect the investigation to be thorough and for uh…for corrections to be made….”

It takes hubris for Obama and his boy toy, Carney to take the public stage, pretend to be offended, downright shocked and appalled while misrepresenting the facts not only to the nation but to Obama’s hand puppets, i.e., the White House press.

In other words, while the media last Friday reported that the “alleged” harsh questioning of Carney by the White House press was the result of their being miffed over months of Carney misrepresenting the facts on Benghazi, Carney in that very same meeting continued to misrepresent the facts on numerous subjects.

Said revelation turns one’s attention to the “off the record” meeting between Carney and the White House press that occurred earlier Friday.

Was the purpose of the so-called “off the record” meeting to set the stage for the dog and pony show that ensued two hours later?  Just asking because it is clear that somebody is b.s.ing somebody, or at least, thinks they are.

IRS Conservative Revenge Cartoon townhall

Translation:  Another White House cover-up underway.  Equally repulsive is the revelation that the Internal Revenue Service is Barack Obama’s policing agency doling out punishment to Americans commensurate with their principles relative to the U. S. Constitution and opposition to a totalitarian regime.

Of further note, Dem. Senator: IRS Actions ‘Un-American’

Democratic senator Joe Manchin calls the IRS’s activities ‘unacceptable and un-American.’

‘The actions of the IRS are unacceptable and un-American. Government agencies using their bureaucratic muscle to target Americans for their political beliefs cannot be tolerated. The President must immediately condemn this attack on our values, find those individuals in his Administration who are responsible and fire them,’ says the West Virginia Democratic senator….


I recall the overwhelming silence by Joe Manchin and his merry band of Marxist elites in 2010 and 2011 when complaints about the IRS targeting Americans surfaced.  Not a word from them or the White House media puppets.

See also Pat Dollard’s post entitled, IRS Waged War On Mom & Pop Conservative Groups As Well As Large Ones, Targeted Family Members Not Involved With Group.