Obama Gone Jack Bauer on us = Image courtesy of David Fitzsimmons / Arizona Daily Star

Obama Gone Jack Bauer on us = Image courtesy of David Fitzsimmons / Arizona Daily Star


The Obama administration seems to have gone Jack Bauer on us, which would be okay if we were just talking about non-American enemy combatants on some far-flung battlefield.

It seems the administration danced its way around case law and the Constitution in an attempt to justify the assassination of three American citizens it refuses to acknowledge it had any part of, post execution. In September 2011, Anwar al-Awlaki, the mastermind behind the failed December 25, 2010 airplane BVD bombing, and his cohort, Samir Khan were killed. Two weeks later, in a separate drone attack, Denver native and 16-year-old son of al-Awlaki followed his father’s fate.

According to the Washington Post, ‘a recently leaked ‘white paper’ from the Justice Department…permits the government to kill its citizens in secret while refusing to acknowledge, even after the fact, that it had done so.’

No matter how evil someone is, it is unnerving that any president wouldn’t hesitate to blatantly disregard an American citizen’s constitutional right to a trial and then make the decision to become prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner of that same citizen — and not man-up afterward….


I posted several of the following images on my personal Facebook page, which is available for viewing to family and friends, all of whom are Progressives.  The images were met by silence with the exception of one individual, my son’s fiancé.

doj white paper drone attacks on Americans  (pdf)Obama Drone Strike Good News Bad News Drone Lord Obama Martin Luther King I have a Dream Barack Hussein Obama I have a drone


Progressives refuse to listen to the sins of Barack Obama.  They close their eyes and ears to his many offenses by justifying that he loves “his Black people” and he really cares “about the children.”

My son’s fiancé is one such person therefore; it came as no surprise that the two images below unnerved this young woman.  Angry and out of her comfort zone dream state, she asked me how is it Obama’s fault that this girl’s face was melted off.  I responded with one word, “D R O N E S.”

Even though she lives on one side of town and me on the other, at that moment, I could feel the wind chill drop ten degrees.

Obama Drone Attack Obama Drone Attack Obama-drones Drones in USA