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Our prayers and sympathies are with the people of Newtown, Connecticut, the parents, siblings, families, classmates, playmates, friends, neighbors and loved ones of all who perished or were injured Friday by shooter, Adam Lanza (image below). 

Newtown Connecticut School Shooter Adam Lanza an anarchist and communist per FB Page Screenshot

Newtown Connecticut School Shooter Adam Lanza an anarchist and communist per FB Page Screenshot

[NOTE:  FB page, https://www.facebook.com/dave.lan.31?fref=ts with the above image of Adam Lanza is no longer available.]

By the time Friday morning’s shooting spree had ended, twenty-year-old Adam Lanza, shooter and alleged lone gunman, slaughtered twenty children, six adults who died valiantly, injured two adults and then the committed suicide.

What are we not being told?

Having no faith in a media that has an agenda, I ask, what are they not telling us?

Earlier today, I ran across the following video, which implies that Lanza may not have acted alone.  The implication therein is that two other young men may have been involved.

Of course, that would make Lanza who was inside the building, the primary shooter while two other potential shooters would have stationed themselves somewhere outside of the school building.

Does the likelihood of there being more than one person involved in Friday’s events sound too hard to believe?  Remember Columbine.

To further investigate the links provided in the above video, go here.

If true, then who else was involved and will the American people ever gain knowledge of their involvement?

Diminish Freedom and Disarm Americans through Brainwashing and Propaganda.

Regardless of how events are spun by the media’s dispersal of propaganda to further the sins of an Obama dictatorship, bear in mind that it is a primary agenda of Obama and comrades to rid Americans of their arms and rights to bear same.

Of course, there are those reading this post and who are by now saying, “Omigosh, I can’t believe she is making this political.”

I say to you, “Get over it.  Politics came into play three days ago when Obama during his fake tear session said, “This is not about politics.”

Reality check:  When a Progressive is involved, it is ALWAYS political.

I direct you to a speech made by Eric Holder back in 1995 “We Must Brainwash People against Guns.”

Throughout the United States, there are programs in effect where people turn their guns in everyday minus the threat of repercussion by law enforcement.

Number one, under an Obama dictatorship, I wonder how many of those same people will someday regret surrendering the guns.

Next, how many of the same people turn in their guns only to purchase another gun (legal or illegal) later for whatever reasons?

Americans must scrutinize inside and out, back to front the reports on the Sandy Hook shooting and any other shooting(s) as spun by White House media propagandists.

Yes, it is horrific that one week before Christmas, twenty children are dead and their families broken hearted.  Equally horrific is the fact that some children woke up Friday morning with parents and went to bed Friday night one short and grieving immeasurably.

Obama loves America’s children so much (NOT) that as Jr. Senator, OBAMA did nothing to stem the tide of gang and gun violence in Chicago, Illinois. 

During Obama’s tenure in the senate, the blood of hundreds, if not, thousands ran through the streets of Chicago as if a water main burst.  The great deceiver never shed a tear for Chicago’s dead, young or old. Let us be real America, Obama the snake oil salesman is running a game — ENTER THE FAKE TEARS.

Obama Fake Tears

Recognizing all of the above, we must not lose sight that for Progressives; namely, Barack Hussein Obama is a well-practiced master manipulator who will go to an end to realize his ideology.

Thus, in the eyes of the malignant narcissist, Friday’s unfortunate massacre in Newtown is the perfect crisis to further diminish the liberties of Americans and a moment that the despot will not waste.

Newtown, Connecticut resident begs President Obama not to visit Sandy Hook

…The town’s Facebook page, , the Newtown Patch, has been filled with posts from residents getting their thoughts out to the world in the aftermath of the school shooting. A Dec. 15 post from Robert Gregson pleads with President Barrack Obama to stay clear of Newtown.

President Obama is scheduled to visit Newtown on Dec. 16. The President broke down in tears as he offered his condolences to the families of Sandy Hook and the Newtown area in a televised statement Dec. 14. Gregson says that is plenty and President Obama should respect the privacy of the families by staying away.

Gregson wrote, ‘Obama please don’t come to Newtown tomorrow. The families have asked for privacy. we heard you the other night on TV which was fine. There’s nothing to see here all you will do is bring more media and chaos to our town. All you will get out of coming here is a great photo op for yourself. Just go on your 4,000,000 dollar vacation to Hawaii and enjoy….


As expected, Gregson’s request fell upon deaf ears and Obama’s reprehensible photo op went about as scheduled and was aired nationwide by White House media puppets.

Never occurring to them and having no idea that Obama’s performances is not about the children, but about BRAINWASHING and the DISARMAMENT of Americans in order to more readily enforce a state of tyranny, Obama cultists are praising their master on Facebook, Twitter and the internet plastering pictures of the malignant narcissist and his fake tears everywhere.

Today we mourn with the people of Newtown, Connecticut while  preparing our homes and our families for the coming Christmas but  let us not lose sight of the fact that it was exactly one year ago, New Year’s Eve that Barack Obama signed into legislation the National Defense Authorization Act.

Since Friday, as if the earth has stopped spinning, the media has reported on nothing else but the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre while force-feeding unknowing viewers propaganda that the time has come for the eradication of the Second Amendment and the disarmament of Americans.

Such a thought is and will always be a Constitutional violation and one that this American will not compromise.

What is Obama doing behind the scenes as he prepares to embark on his $4 million family vacation in Hawaii?

Stay focused patriots, I sense the emergence another executive order as deemed by the dictator, Barack.

Right to bear arms Thomas Jefferson