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If you were ever in doubt what type of thinking this administration fosters, this clip should put any debate to rest.

Appearing Monday morning on CBS, Obama’s jobs council head and the CEO of GE Jeffrey Immelt said that one thing that ‘actually works’ is ‘state-run Communism’ in China.

After host Charlie Rose brought up the ‘growth rate’ of China falling from double digits to about eight percent, Immelt chimed in….


Well, the re-election is over, thus the need no longer exists to cover up one’s “Communist” connections and allegiances.

Immelt praises China and Communism because China and Communism works very well for those higher up in China’s government and one per centers like Immelt and Barack Obama.  

China Ghost Cities So-called Utopia

China Ghost Cities So-called Utopia 003

At the same time, Immelt failed to mention the failings of Communism including the fear and suffering it wreaks upon those living under such a tyrannical and oppressive regime.

To begin with, the utopia that Communism promises useful idiots as witnessed by the harsh conditions under which the people of China live does not exist.