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Rush Limbaugh to Republicans Walk Away

While I do not agree with everything in the following article, most of it contents is dead on.

Republicans should issue a temporary extension of the Bush tax cuts and then walk away from the table.

Leave the dictator, Barack Hussein Obama and his Progressive machine of economic terror and oppression hanging in the wind.

Mack Rights

For the last decade, we’ve been hearing how the Bush Tax Cuts are only for the rich. On January 1st, they all expire, but Obama doesn’t want to be like President Hoover and FDR and raise taxes in a recession thus causing a Great Depression. So he’s in favor of keeping them for everyone who isn’t in the top tax bracket. The problem for him is that all tax bills originate in the House, which is controlled by Republicans. The fate of tax rates is ultimately up to them.

If they do not make an agreement and they let the Bush Tax Cuts expire, President Obama will once and for all prove to the world that Bush gave everyone a piece of the action- not just the rich. As well, Obama will once again prove that raising taxes is bad for the economy because it makes everyone poorer. This is the Republican argument. Sure, this will be bad for the economy, but the economy is screwed no matter what.

There are 21 Obamacare taxes coming, there are increases of 12 to 25% for health insurance costs this month, the capital gains tax goes up 60% from 15% to 23.8 percent (expiration of Bush tax cuts and 3.8% Obamacare surcharge), dividend taxes go up nearly 200% from 15% to 43.6% for the highest tax bracket (they go from 15% to ordinary income rate plus a 3.8% Obamacare surcharge), the EPA’s about to implement carbon taxes,….


Whether our politicians walk away and do the right thing remains to be scene but those who do not can rest assure that betraying the will of the people will result in their early retirement.

Fiscal Cliff Follow the Leader Or Not Politifake

Everything that Obama has done since the 2009 inauguration has been to the detriment of small businesses, the middle class, the poor and the Black and Latino communities.

Another four years will wreak further devastation on all of the above as Obama and fellow Progressives in collusion with their media puppets continue to spread lies while espousing propaganda to useful idiots.

Those who recognize the deception must remain focused and not become distracted by the diversions and propaganda by Obama and comrades intended to nudge Americans into willingly supporting our own demise and/or that of our children and grandchildren.

Pushing conservatives off a fiscal cliff

…The American left and our ‘objective’ mainstream media — same thing, I know — are not helping the nation balance its budget. As usual, these partisan hacks are obsessed with tearing the Republican coalition apart, limb from limb. By empowering GOP moderates, they drive the conservatives into exile.

These liberals are dishonest but not dumb. They have no intention of honoring a pledge to curtail wasteful spending. What they want is GOP civil war…

…Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake wrote the story on the revolt against Grover Norquist. The Post made its emphasis even more obvious in its free commuter tabloid called Express, which splashed this headline over Blake’s story: ‘Is the GOP Over Grover?’

The same angle screamed from the television. On ABC’s ‘World News,’ anchor Diane Sawyer proclaimed, ‘We did see a sign the paralysis may be ending, a Republican mutiny against a man who had convinced them to take a pledge.’ The graphic on screen read ‘Tax Revolt.’ Only in liberal newsrooms is there such a thing as a ‘tax revolt’ to raise taxes. On ‘CBS This Morning,’ co-host Charlie Rose pushed Sen. Bob Corker to say he would ‘forgo the pledge because it is outdated and the country’s problems are too big….


sheep off the fiscal cliff


Taxed Enough Already 003