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Anyone who’s taken a close look at the 2012 results from Ohio, Pennsylvania in Florida knows many of the elections outcomes are tainted, at best

…Which brings us to Florida and the contest between Congressman Allen West and Democrat Patrick Murphy

Florida’s St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker should be named America’s Poster Child for ‘How Not to Run Elections’. She has a long history of  not  deleting dead voters, felons, and non-citizens from the voter records. I also understand she’s very lax in enforcing voter ID Laws. In short St. Lucie County is a perfect target for any one who wants to engage in voter fraud.

So much weird stuff happened in St Lucie on election day, and ever since  it’s almost impossible to keep track of it all.  John Fund over at the National Review Online does an excellent job of explaining most of it in  West Fights On amid Vote-Recount Mayhem  Here’s an excerpt:

‘Then there is Gertrude Walker, the 32-year-veteran election supervisor of St. Lucie County, who has spent much of the last two weeks explaining why her office completely botched the count…

You can go to the homepage for the US House of Representatives  click find your Representative, and e-mail your congress-person  from there.  His.Her contact page will also have phone numbers, so call ‘em.  If we do it now. Congress will put pressure on Florida to conduct appropriate recount and a thorough investigation….


The results of the 2012 Elections stinks so bad that it is enough to choke the breath of every American.

My answer to why the GOP refuses to fight the incredible amounts of fraud that has taken place is that the Republican establishment is complicit in their desperation to rid themselves of tea party candidates.

We cannot allow the fraud to pass.

Allen West is a patriot and a hero.  He deserves better.  We, as Americans, deserve better.  The country deserves better.

Please contact your elected officials, House of Representatives Twitter & Phone Contact List and demand that they not seat Patrick Murphy in the House of Congress “unless and until an investigation and recount is completed by the state of Florida.”

Lady Raven has a list of twitter handles for every current Member of the House with a twitter account.