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Revealing yet again the hollowness and naivete of the assumption that the Syrian rebels are a group of democratic pluralists. ‘Jihadists form ‘Islamic state’ in Syria,’ from AP, November 19 (thanks to Block Ness)…


West Conjures Fake “Syrian” Government

Predictably, the Western arranged confab in Doha, Qatar has seen the selection and approval by the US and its allies of a ‘new opposition coalition’ to serve as the face of militants fighting inside  Syria.

This was in response to overwhelming international condemnation to what has become an open proxy war fought against Syria by Western interests and its regional allies. It is a repeat of the now catastrophically failed NATO intervention in Libya that has left the nation mired in genocidal sectarian and tribal violence, a weak, ineffectual client-regime, and human rights abuses dwarfing in reality, the now confirmed fabrications used by NATO ahead of military operations early in 2011.

France and the Arab League have already reapplied their stamp of approval on the “new” coalition, following their support for the same political front they have attempted to prop up for the last nearly 2 years.

Coalition is Smoke Screen for state Sponsorship of Terrorism….


You get one shot as to who exactly is funding these lslamic jihadists.

There is a huge part of me that wants to ask if the West will every learn.   Just a matter of time now before history repeats itself and when it does, one can only pray that it takes a huge bite out of the inept boob in the White House.