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Courtesy of Hope N Change.

Courtesy of Hope N Change.


As a public service to our readers, and as a gesture towards civility in our national discourse, we offer the following how-to-guide for surviving Thanksgiving dinner at the home of your triumphant liberal relatives:

Arrival. ‘Your home looks lovely. Almost like it’s worth what you paid for it. Obama didn’t help with that yet, did he? Oh, well, maybe next term. May I use your bathroom?’

In the unlikely event that your host’s home has appreciated in value, use this introduction instead: ‘Love what you’ve done with it. Better dump it before the new year, though, or you might face that new Obamacare tax.’ (Wait until after dinner to make a lowball offer.)

Greetings. ‘Oh, grandma, I’m so sorry about what Obama did to your Medicare. I tried to stop him….’