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UPDATE 1010 A.M.:

Congressman Peter King after today’s closed door Congressional hearing on the September 11th Benghazi, Libya attacks held a short press conference wherein King took questions.

According to Rep. King, General Petraeus felt that he made it clear from the beginning that terrorism was involved and as indicated by Jennifer Griffin of Fox News, Petraeus confirmed that the CIA originally put the talking points together but the assessment report given to Petraeus later on differed from the initial assessment report.

As far as the talking points used by Susan Rice on five television programs the morning of September 16 whereupon Rice was adamant about blaming the attacks on the video, Petraeus said that while having seen the report, he had no idea who provided that report to Rice.

Jennifer Griffin stated that the first attack on the consulate was not an organized assault. It was unscripted and there were looters and rioters who set the consulate ablaze. The second attack, however, which was on the safe house, was far different from the first. It was an organized assault.


Former CIA Director David Petraeus testified in a closed-door hearing Friday morning that his agency determined immediately after the Sept. 11 Libya attack that “Al Qaeda involvement” was suspected — but the line was taken out in the final version circulated to administration officials, according to a top lawmaker who was briefed.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., who spoke to reporters after Petraeus testified before the House Intelligence Committee, indicated he and other lawmakers still have plenty of questions about the aftermath of the attack.

‘No one knows yet exactly who came up with the final version of the talking points,’ he said….


GEN David H. Petraeus

GEN David H. Petraeus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to a source, CNN is reporting that CIA Chief David Petraeus, will amend his previous testimony, which is taking place as of this posting in this morning’s closed-door congressional hearing.

The source informed CNN that Petraeus intends to admit that he was aware “almost immediately” that Ansar Al Sharia, an Islamic militia linked to al-Qaeda, committed the September 11 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.


Frances Townsend, a former Homeland Security advisor to George W. Bush, who is now a CNN analyst, tweeted this out:

Other than Petraeus’s upcoming testimony being ‘different than what he initially said,’ Starr’s source also reported that Petraeus will tell Congress that at first there were at least 20 different intelligence reports floating around that said the video was responsible for the attack, and that over time, those reports were ‘slowly disproved.

Petraeus also told this source he believed the CIA talking points given to  Susan Rice came from within the White House or Administration….