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Just checked out Gas Buddy’s Fuel Shortage Tracker and it comes as no surprise that there is still a fuel shortage in the tri-state area (as of 5:23 am).

While politicians in New Jersey and New York are commending themselves for a job well done, according to the map below, less than 50% of the gas stations in New York have fuel compared to what looks like 30% in New Jersey.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “…At least 80% of New Jersey’s 3,000 gas stations were open and selling gasoline to drivers Monday, up from about 70% Friday, according to the AAA. In New York City and Long Island, at least 75% of the 2,300 stations were pumping fuel….”

While 70 to 75% of the gas stations may (or may not) have received fuel yesterday to operate, it is clear the fuel stations are not receiving enough fuel to keep them up and running.

Allow me to clear something up here.  ONLY an “ALLOTTED” amount of fuel is being delivered to each fuel station. Once said fuel station completes the sale of the amount allotted, they shut down their operations until the next delivery, whenever that might be.

Since politics, rhetoric and reality are always miles apart (SEE IMAGES ABOVE), I direct you to Gas Buddy’s Fuel Shortage Tracker map below which is updated throughout the day.

The green squares represent gas stations with fuel.

The red squares represent gas stations without fuel.

The gray squares represent gas stations whose fuel availability is unknown.

The black squares represent gas stations without power.