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Barack Obama won the election on Tuesday, but you wouldn’t know it listening to the liberals on Bill Maher’s panel Friday night, who sounded just as angry and defensive as they ever have.

The reason? S.E. Cupp brought up what many libertarians consider to be the ‘elephant in the room’ about Barack Obama’s foreign policy, which is that it’s about the same as George W. Bush’s. The simple suggestion induced a firestorm of rage, with Daily Beast columnist Andrew Sullivan practically spitting in Cupp’s face as he jabbed a finger at her, and Democratic strategist James Carville reacting with open disgust. Neither of the two, however, were able to point to a persuasive difference in terms of principle between the two presidents….


I have no tolerance for these disgusting sons of bitches and their vile double standards.  Moreover, they are in denial when it comes to all things Hussein Obama.

Why the f**** are Progressives still blaming Bush and shouting about war crimes?  Are they that obsessed?  Don’t they realize that there is no bigger war criminal that Hussein Obama?