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CINCINNATI – Ohio residents who use food stamps will see a reduction in their benefit starting January.

The $50 monthly reduction comes as a result of the way the federal government calculates utility expenses.

In the wake of last year’s warm winter and lower natural gas prices those who receive the standard utility allowance have theoretically saved money and will, therefore, receive less money for food.

However, not everyone uses natural gas to heat their home or apartment says Ben Johnson with Ohio’s Department of Job and Family Services and so some families will simply have their food allowance cut without the benefit of a lower utility bill.

‘Some people use home heating oil, some people use propane, some people use electric and we’re aware of that so those people might not see an actual decrease in their utility cost but they will see the same decrease in their benefits because of the decrease in the standard utility allowance,’ said Johnson….


NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED so what better way to repay Ohioans who are primarily responsible for sticking Americans with another four years of Obamao than to cut their food stamp benefits.

I thought Obama was going to give free stuff to his cultists not taketh away.  Apparently, THAT was all hype and a lie too.

Get used to it cultists, this is only the beginning.  Obama needs those funds to build his utopia  FEMA camps  prisons  gulags  plantations  communitarians  intentional communities.  After all, per Obamao, it is for the greater good.

To those cultists who during the election were stupid enough to donate their wedding and birthday presents while denying their families a meal for the benefit of Barack Mugabe Hussein Obamao, tell me that you did not see this coming.

Obama puppets did not see this moment coming because Obamao and his elitist band of Marxists bamboozled “useful idiots” into believing that Obama was all about giving them free stuff and Mitt Romney was all about taking it away.

Teachable moment:  There are no free rides. I know, I know, it’s not Obama’s fault.  He couldn’t help it.

In any event, I am sure the malignant narcissist thanks you for your vote, your money and your sacrifice (my tax dollars).