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How many times we said over the last couple of years – one of two likely scenarios would happen in November.  Either there would be massive voter fraud, or some catastrophe would be generated by Obama that would allow for enacting Martial Law.

The second has not materialized – at this point.  I want to address the first.

The video at the end of this post is an eye opener.  A computer programmer testifies how he wrote a program to rig the results of elections.  He names names.  The part of it I would like some help on is the actual courtroom setting – where did this take place?  Supposedly Ohio but because Maxine Waters is involved it makes me wonder.  I haven’t had time to vet it further….

Those who voted for Mitt Romney and Congressman Allen West realize that there is something wrong here and that the numbers simply do not add up and no amount of Progressive rhetoric can convince us otherwise.  Enter Lady Raven‘s post, which I strongly urge you to read. You will not be happy about it but like me, you will feel vindicated and cry out for justice.  This post is a MUST READ and MUST SHARE.
Kindly respond at Lady Raven‘s post.  Thank you.