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…Obama’s re-election means that Ehud Olmert is going to run against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming Jan. 2013 Israeli election. It means that Obama is going to intervene aggressively in our election to boost Olmert. It means that a push for immediate Palestinian statehood is back on the international agenda. Most worrisome of all, it means that an American “grand bargain” with the Iranians, possibly at our expense, is on the table.

With good reason, Olmert and Tzipi Livni seem to think they can count on Obama’s strong support in the race against Netanyahu. There are a myriad of ways in which Obama and his emissaries can make it clear to the Israeli voter that U.S.-Israel relations will suffer if Netanyahu is re-elected. They know that Israeli voters fear U.S.-Israel conflict.

Obama’s anti-Netanyahu campaign will be the flip side to the campaign we’ve seen in recent weeks seeking to convince American Jews and Israeli Americans that Obama ‘has Israel’s back.’ Just as the Jewish and Israeli press was swamped with pro-Obama testimonials from Dennis Ross, Alan Dershowitz, Jack Lew, General Dempsey and others, now we’ll get hints and warnings that the ‘unprecedented’ gains in U.S.-Israel intelligence sharing and weapons development approved by Obama will wither if Netanyahu is re-elected. White House backing for Israel in the Security Council will be conditional upon Israeli concessions to the Palestinians, and so on…


Unless we learn from the lessons of the past, we are doomed to repeat it.

Zionism and Israel – Encyclopedic Dictionary: Holocaust

…To prove to the world that nobody wanted Jews, the Nazi government organized a boatload of such emigrants. In 1939, the German liner St. Louis, carrying a cargo of Jewish refugees, found it was unable to land them in Cuba, owing to extortionate demands of the Cuban government. U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the U.S. Coast Guard to prevent the landing of the ship in the United States. The St. Louis ultimately disembarked its passengers in Europe, where most of them were subsequently killed in the Holocaust. Throughout the war, U.S. Consuls and those of other countries who were initially neutral played an active part in the massacre of European Jewry, by refusing emigration and transit visas to Jews. This policy continued even after it was known with certainty that the Jews were the victims of mass murder, and that refusal of visas meant certain death…

…the State Department actively suppressed news of the extermination of Jews, The British and Americans were consistent in refusing to cooperate with any scheme that might rescue or aid Jews. Legal constraints were placed in the way of aid efforts, so that aid supplies could only be sent illegally. Again and again, when it became possible to rescue Jews, American and British officials expressed horror at the prospect of an inundation of refugees and did everything in their power to sabotage rescue efforts….


Millions of Americans never learned of the atrocities committed by Nazi, Germany against Jews, which means that they are in the dark when it comes to the role of the United States and European nations in the holocaust.

Because of this lack of knowledge, they are blind to those who would destroy Israel and ultimately the United States.


So young, so stupid, so evil.  Due to their ignorance, indoctrination by educational institutions whose instructors are anti-Semitic, I fear that history can be easily repeated  although I pray not.  H/t video Grumpy Elder.