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Of course not.  For the campaigner-in-chief, Hurricane Sandy has presented his majesty with the opportunity of another photo op.

Obama will not hold a press conference to explain why on September 11 he watched terrorists attack the Libyan consulate and safe house in real-time, denied the assistance and rescue of four Americans three times and then lied about it.  Krauthammer video h/t Gateway Pundit.

Nor will Obama hold a press conference to explain

  • his inexcusable orders to “stand down” and the infamously failed Obama doctrine that resulted in the deaths of these four patriots, Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

  • the false accusations, arrest and indefinite detainment of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula aka Sam Bacile, producer of so-called anti-Muslim film who Obama had perp walked and used as a tool in his latest apology tour to appease the Muslim world.

Another briefing that will never happen is one on Operation Fast and Furious.


Remember, it took Obama nearly one week to turn his attention to those living in areas devastated by Hurricane Isaac BECAUSE campaigning and getting re-elected was the bigger priority for Obama not Americans who lost their homes and livelihood.


What Obama sees in Hurricane Sandy, now Tropical Storm Sandy is not devastation or how the lives of tens of millions Americans have been affected by Sandy or even the loss of life during this powerful storm.  Obama not one to let a GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE, BENGHAZI, LIBYA BEING THE EXCEPTION TO THE RULE  sees a huge photo op seven days before the election.

To those who cannot possibly accept that Obama would sink so low, wake up and don’t get it twisted: campaigning and being re-elected IS the bigger priority for Obama NOT Americans affected by the mass devastation of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy.

Rest assured, Tuesday morning, early afternoon the latest, Obama will hold a rather well-scripted press conference, even travel to one of the areas affectedly Sandy after which the malignant narcissist will be pleased as punch with himself and then back to the business of campaigning and getting re-elected. Of course, his blind, ignorant and faithful cultists will eat it up and Obama for America using the above photographs will dispatch fundraising emails heaping praise on the one while trolling for dollars.

Behind the scenes, the Chicago thugs with ratchet up their schemes for voter fraud that will surely come about as a result of power outages, voting machines now rendered voters inoperable, etc.

[NOTE 1:  It has never taken me eight hours to complete a post due to inclement weather and power outages but I am not complaining.

As T.S. Sandy remains active here in the tri-state area, so far I can consider myself and my family one of the lucky ones and for that I thank God.

There are far too many who are not as lucky. Please let hold all affected by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy in our prayers and may God bless them, giving them the strength to endure that, which is before them.

NOTE 2:  To those who strongly oppose this post, keep it to yourself.  I’m not interested. ]