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Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obamas Ace in the Hole

Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s Ace in the Hole?

Rumors are floating about that Barack Hussein Obama nervous over recent presidential election polls showing Mitt Romney and Obama neck and neck and in some cases; Romney ahead is calling his spiritual leader of twenty years, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, out from under the bus….on the down low.


According to former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, ‘If Obama looks as if he’s going black, he could turn off white people. So he’s largely been lying low on the race issues – visibly pushing for the Latino vote, the gay vote, the women’s vote, but not the black vote. But last weekend, he held a conference call with a collection of black preachers that included his old pastor, Jeremiah Wright. He wanted to talk to them about getting out the vote….


As you may recall, back in 2008 when Obama’s relationship with his mentor and spiritual leader (Reverend Wright) became public knowledge, Obama denied and lied about the extent of his relationship with the Reverend, which ended with Wright being exiled to the undercarriage of Obama’s bus.

So what are the odds that Obama has summoned Wright from the undercarriage and has ordered him to being the race card with him? (Obama’s October surprise?)

If true and it would not surprise me, Wright’s job would be to bring in the Black vote.  In fact, I believe that saving the Black vote until last may have been the game plan all along.

What am I implying?

I am implying that herding the Black vote by use of the race card was always on Obama’s agenda but when stories surfaced about Reverend Wright earlier this year from Edward Klein’s new book, “The Amateur,” along with Breitbart’s expose entitled “The Vetting,” Progressives intentionally shoved the race card back into the deck until more convenient.

In two weeks, Americans will be crossing the finish line, which makes this the perfect opportunity to throw race into the game.  Obama’s tools of choice are black preachers who will spend the next two Sundays preaching the glory of Barack Obama from pulpits across America.

As Wright and Black preachers are unleashed across America, the order of the day will be to make it all about race.

In the event chaos erupts, Obama will pretend to have clean hands in the matter.

On another note, as far as alienating White America, Obama does not give a damn.  We heard him say a week ago that this is his last election not to mention, he is probably counting on white guilt and his Marxist media puppets to give him cover.

Crude I know but this is whom he is so let us not mistake Barack Hussein Obama for one who gives a damn.

That being said, Obama is fooling no one.