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During the 2008 presidential campaign season, Barack Obama openly opposed gay marriage.  Supposedly ninety-six percent of Black Americans voted for Obama in 2008.

Four years later, enter the 2012 re-election campaign season and suddenly Obama who is accusing Romney of flip-flopping does a flip-flop himself, when earlier this year, he endorsed gay marriage.

Because of Obama’s sudden change of heart and pandering to the gay community for votes, many Black Americans and Christians feeling betrayed are rethinking their support of Obama.


In 2008, the black community as a whole voted almost as a single block for Mr. Obama. Blacks also overwhelmingly approved Proposition 8 in California, which banned homosexual “marriage” in favor of natural marriage during the same election. Conservative morals and values run deep in the black community. In the current election, we need to remember those roots when we go to the polls.

In 2008, many blacks voted for skin color. They, along with millions of others in the country, were so enticed by making history and were so caught up in the ‘hope and change’ Mr. Obama promised to bring that they pulled the lever for Mr. Obama out of euphoria instead of voting according to their values and morals.

This time, in 2012, I beg my brothers and sisters in the black community to look past color and vote for God’s values, not those of a particular political party…


For Black Americans (and Christians) who would stay on the Obama train even when the trains is heading over the edge of a cliff, THINK AGAIN.  The endorsement by Obama of gay marriage does not excuse those who betray their values and God.  H/t Booker Rising.

It is only fair to note that Obama’s war on religion and the placing of Black America on the back burner for four years are other reasons that Black Americans and Christians are rethinking their support of Obama this fall.

Let us also not forget the removal of “God” from the Democratic Party’s platform last September at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, which resulted in a nationwide uproar.  “God” was re-instated into platform over the objections of many Progressives not because of the conscience of Progressives but for the sake of power, pursuing an ideology, Obama getting re-elected and VOTES.  Progressives need the votes of Christians and Black Americans like a crackhead needs crack.

The evil that is the Democratic Party has been exposed and no matter how hard they try, they cannot walk it back nor will they.

They will deceive, lie and trickery but walk it back and repent, NO.

Among other things, this election is about choosing, good v. evil.

Some Blacks have announced their plans to sit out the elections this November while others will vote for Mitt Romney or a third party candidate.

It is essential that Americans exercise their right to vote and in two weeks when Americans go to the election polls, we must vote our values, correction God’s values and not the color of one’s skin or ideology.