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Last week Congressman Allen West visited Temecula, CA to make a speech, which is sure to go down in history as Congressman Allen West’s “Field of Dreams” speech.  Besides exposing the tyranny of an administration inebriated by its own power, West speech inspires Americans to vote November 6 taking a stand against big government, tyranny, i.e., a Godless administration intent on destroying that that took 236 years to build.


(10:31)   ….Will we be the first generation that does not allow the subsequent generations to step up to the plate with bat in hand and knock it out of the park.  Not on my watch either….

…Ladies and gentlemen, your mission is very simple.  Your mission is to make sure that home plate is dusted off for the next generation….

…These are the times that try men’s souls. When the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis shriek from their duties but to  those who will make a stand they will gain the love, admiration of all men and women.

The question that you have to ask yourselves between now and the 6th of November and continuing on when you look at yourselves in the mirror, was I a summer solder?  Was I a sunshine patriot?  Or did I make a stand to gain the admiration of subsequent generations so that when the history books write the history books will say on the 6th of November in 2012, the American people once again remembered what the land of dreams was about….

What an inspiration.  America needs more politicians like Congressman West, who gets it.  This is one of the most powerful and patriotic speeches that I have heard.

Congressman West is a patriot, hero and a true leader.

Will You Be A Watchman On The Walls Of America November 6th?

Congressman Allen West is one of the most explosive soldiers We The People have on the battlefield of conservatism. He is teaching so many, in so many ways, about the intrusive nature of Big Government and what We The People have to lose. Today, he is asking you, YES YOU, are you willing to be a watchman on the walls of America by voting out those who have savaged this great Republic! God Bless America

‘He concluded on a historical note: ‘The question that you have to ask yourself, between now and the 6th of November and continuing on, when you look at yourself in the mirror, ‘Was I a summer soldier? Was I a sunshine patriot?’….


Image courtesy of RightWingArt.

Image courtesy of RightWingArt.