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One word describes Joe Biden best, this Saturday morning, i.e., BUFFOON.

Image courtesy of  Gary Varvel, Townhall.

Image courtesy of Gary Varvel, Townhall.

Joe Biden, like his boss, Barack Hussein Obama is a pompous ass.

Biden’s behavior Thursday night during the Vice Presidential debate was more than condescending.  The theatrics of this elitist were a disservice to the history of the White House, its previous tenants, the office of Vice President, Paul Ryan and to Americans.

Even worse is that the Obama administration stands by the idiocy of Joseph Biden.

Biden displayed just as much disdain for Paul Ryan as Barack Obama for Mitt Romney but then when one cannot run on four years of failure, one must disparage, distract, offend and outright lie (Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals).

The fact that Biden had the audacity more than once to look into the camera and ask viewers, “Who do you trust” is proof that the Obama administration is out of touch with Americans.

As with Al Gore’s sighs during the Bush Gore debates in 2000, Biden’s buffoonery is not lost on most Americans.