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The Counter Jihad Report via Rep. Allen West

A Message from The Gunny:

So you think that you’re squared away…a highly motivated, truly dedicated, lean mean fighting machine? I bet you are ready for anything.

But, are you election ready?

Have you taken the time to make sure that your voice is heard on Election Day? It takes just a few minutes to request an absentee ballot and can be done right now.

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H/t Upaces88.  Please pass this information along. Our men and women in service have every right to vote. This is why they serve. They must not be denied said liberties.

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Military Vote Missing This Election — Including In Big Swing States

The Military Voter Protection Project found that absentee ballot requests by the military dropped significantly since 2008, including in big swing states. As of Sept. 22, requests were down 46 percent in Florida, 70 percent in Virginia, and 70 percent in Ohio. A similar drop occurred in non-battleground states like Alaska and North Carolina.

‘These are lowest numbers we’ve seen in the last decade,’ Eric Eversole, founder and executive director of the project, tells Whispers. ‘There are a number of factors that go into this, but if the Pentagon was doing what it was supposed to be, this would be a non-issue.’