America stands by Congressman and Lt. Col. Allen West.

Allen West Republic

Dear Friends,

Today my opponent, behind in the polls and desperate, launched a false tv ad attempting to smear my military record. I stand by the actions I took to protect the lives of my men in Iraq in 2003. As I have said before, if it’s about the lives of my men and their safety, I’d go through Hell with a gasoline can. The truth is, I did not face a court martial. I paid a small fine for breaking rules in an effort to save the lives of my soldiers.

I have an honorable discharge certificate as a Lieutenant Colonel and I voluntarily submitted my retirement paperwork upon redeploying from Iraq…something that Patrick Murphy has never done. If put in that situation, it is obvious that Patrick Murphy would not risk his life or endanger his career for those he was entrusted to lead. What kind of man…

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