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NOTE: for the sake of not driving people nuts with such a long post, I have taken the liberty of breaking this post up into three parts. Please bear with me and thanks for your understanding.

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Michelle Obama continues to assert that obesity is a threat to national security.


“…From my perspective, the number one greatest national security threat that we have is obesity,; Oz asked the first lady in an interview broadcast Wednesday. ‘Do you ever think about it that way?’

Well absolutely,’ Obama replied. ‘Shocking information, I do a lot of work with military families, and spend a lot of time on military bases and the the number one thing that prevents young people from the ages of 17 to 24 qualifying for the military is obesity….”

Michelle “All this for a flag” Obama’s disdain for our country and our military negates her right to address the service of young people in our military.

It is because of their ideology and disdain for all things American, that the “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” Obamas would never sanction their daughters serving in the U. S. military, of that we can be sure.

Moving on, let us not get it twisted, the Obama’s collectivist agenda in lieu of freedom, individualism, personal responsibility along with historical revisionism as practiced by Progressives and America’s children growing up illiterate, indoctrinated and government servants remain a far more superior threat to our nation and its future than obesity.  Also keeping in mind, Barack’s ineptitude, acts of treason and repetitive failure to attend daily intelligence briefings.

#MichelleOsSchoolLunchMenu is a Commie Failure

Camarada Michelle’s schema to compel #MichelleOsSchoolLunchMenu down the throats of students across America under the guise of it being for their own good is backfiring badly.  The menu and the hypocrisy are not lost on students or their parents, all of whom are refusing to be a pawn in MO’s moneymaking scheme, all of whom are making their voices heard.  H/t Twitchy.

Students, parents, Americans in general are sounding off via social media networks such as , Facebook, YouTube (video above) and Twitter.

Regardless of the propaganda espoused by spin masters, we the people will not allow an overbearing government to dictate to our children or us.