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During a tense and fiery segment on Fox News, Sean Hannity’s panel exploded over a recent Daily Caller report that argues the U.S. Department of Justice regularly works with the liberal Media Matters to spin news reports. While Hannity set up the segment to tackle what he perceives as blatant bias in the mainstream media, it quickly turned into a one-on-one shouting match between two panelists….

…’Do you think the sellout media in this country is doing the American people a service in exposing the truth before a tipping-point election?’ Hannity asked Fox News contributor Tamara Holder, referring to the DC’s report on Media Matters and the DOJ.

Holder said the Daily Caller issued a Freedom of Information Act request and the White House complied, insinuating there was no cover-up by the DOJ. She was then interrupted by her co-panelist and fellow Fox News contributor Angela McGlowan who clarified Holder’s statement.

‘When you ask for information, they are supposed to respond in 20 days. It took them 9 months for the Daily Caller to get 70 emails,” she said.

It was at this point that the two panelists began to get heated, neither one of them shy about getting in the other’s face….


I am not a Hannity fan but occasionally I tune in and must say that my timing was right last night.

Progressives have a way of talking down to others as if we are stupid. Thus, the backpedaling Tamara Holder who stepped right into it up to her neck got exactly what she deserved last evening.

The lashing as delivered by Angela McGlowan and Sean Hannity laid claim to the reality that Conservatives have had enough of Progressives with their talking points and lies.

Facts are stubborn things.  Conservatives have them and we have the skills to use them.  Unfortunately for Progressives, they cannot handle the truth.

On the other hand, can Holder’s grumpiness be the result of the Reverend Jackson not taking care of business.  Oops.  Cannot believe I went there.