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Barack Obama has made no secret of his agenda to redistribute the wealth.  Yet there are far too many who would deny the existence of such an agenda.  H/t The Last Tradition.


The Democrats argue that we need to create more programs to help the poor, and the Republicans counter that we shouldn’t be taxing our citizens to death. The Republicans want to eliminate the death tax since it destroys businesses, and the Democrats want to keep it because it eliminates ‘family wealth’, and allows them to redistribute this wealth to the masses.

Both sides are mostly correct … from their own point of view. The Democrat’s programs will succeed in shifting wealth from the top to the bottom – but there is no thought given to how this will effect the economy as a whole. These programs take money from the middle & upper classes, and hand it over to the lower caste. But by stealing money from the ‘haves’, they will in effect be punishing people for success. Economic expansion will be hindered in the absence of the ‘profit motive’ that is lies at the heart of most business ventures. And without entrepreneurs the economy cannot expand, and in the end everybody suffers.

But apart from the economic consequences of socialist policies, there lies several social consequences as well. Such programs by their very nature require the forcible taking of wealth – A policy that is anathema to most democratic principles. Theft does not cease to be theft simply because an elected body is the entity which is perpetrating the act. ‘Forced Charity’ is not charity at all – it is theft.

And in the end, such policies cause a large segment of the population to become somewhat ‘dependant’ on the government – another concept shunned by cultures which cherish freedom….