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Mitt Romney can be heard on the first video which was leaked by James Carter IV, grandson to Jimmy Carter (it figures) stating the facts as they are.  Carter IV leaked the video to Mother Jones hoping it would earn him a job.

In the second video, Romney responds to the feigned outrage of Progressives and slams Obama’s failed policies of government dependency.

Progressives are all over the place attacking Romney for speaking the truth while ignoring the fact that Obama has turned his back on anyone who refuses to embrace his failed policies, system of government dependency and legacy of tyranny.

Having grown up on the government dole, I for one, have no mercy for those who half-way through the day, party until early morning, spend my tax dollars on $300 hair weaves, shoes, sneakers, fake nails, 62 inch screen televisions, Nintendo Wii, laptops and i-phones while shoving oodles of noodles down their children’s throats.

For all the money that these people spend on their own selfish pleasures, they compound the offense by shipping their children off to failing public schools where they too will be indoctrinated into a promised lifetime of illiteracy, poverty and government dependency.

Let us not get it twisted, Mitt Romney is dead on when he says that such people will not vote for Romney but he never said that he would not represent them.  In fact, Romney has said repeatedly that he will represent all Americans.

At the same time, Progressives fail to realize that such people are only interested in getting that which they feel they are entitled.  They have no interest in taking time out of their leisurely schedule to cast a vote for anyone on Election Day PERIOD.

Moreover, there are those people who make excuses insisting that they are victims but that is on them because as long as they believe that crap, they will fail.

While many on the left are claiming that the video is damning, just because they say it do not make it so.  There is nothing more damning than the policies of Barack Obama.