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“…Ann Althouse got an email today from Michelle Obama telling her (and presumably thousands like her) to give up a meal this week and donate the money saved to the Obama re-election campaign.

…Hey Michelle, we’ll all stop eating when YOU DO. You telling anyone to skip meals is like Liza Minnelli lecturing on sobriety….”


There is one-line in the email that really offends, “…You may have a tight budget, but you give what you can afford….”

First, the elitists Obamas shake down wedding couples, then individuals celebrating their birthdays and now Michelle Marie Antoinette Obama is asking that families skip a meal and send their money to Barack.  This is exactly, what one would expect of Marie Antoinette, correction Michelle Obama.

Hey, to all you moonbats out there who love yourselves some Barack.  If Michelle and Barack have the audacity without conscience to ask you to deny your family a meal in order to contribute to Barack’s campaign, just imagine what they will ask demand of you if this tyrant gets another four years.

What more proof do Americans need to realize that these elitists are out of touch with the American people.

Finally, the difference between Ann Romney and Michelle Obama is that Ann Romney would never ask Americans to donate their birthday presents, wedding gifts or to deny their family a meal for any reason, for the sake of donating money to her husband’s campaign.

Such requests are indecent and unconscionable.

*Image courtesy of Political Rogues.