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Image courtesy of The Shark Tank

Image courtesy of The Shark Tank


…Thuggish Transportation Security Administration screeners are now being deployed to political events, and were spotted patting down senior citizens at a Paul Ryan speech in Florida.

‘I counted no less than (6) (transportation security) agents alongside the usual uniformed Secret Service detail-not to be confused with the ‘Men In Black’ looking agents.’ Javier Manjarres posted on his blog….

…In addition to the Secret Service, and local sheriffs from Sumter County, there were also TSA screeners in attendance. What were they doing there? What does a Paul Ryan speech have to do with transportation security…


Not only did they grope the attendees, they rifled through their belongings as well.

TSA agents should not have been in attendance.  Their attendance at The Villages last weekend was Barack Obama and thugs yet again overstepping their bounds.

May I suggest that Barry Sotero take his civilian paramilitary force back to Chicago with him this fall.

Check out TSA ‘Reaches’ Out at Paul Ryan Event.