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I do not understand those who treat Obama as if the man walks on water.  It simply does not register with many Black Americans that they have forsaken their souls for the Obama because “he’s one of us.”

Where do you draw the line Black America?  WHERE?  In the meantime, Obama continues to disrespect, discount and ignore the Black community.

If Obama says jump, many (far too many) Blacks ask “how high.”

Keeping it real, what’s it going to be Black America?  Enough of blaming the right.  Having perused a couple of Progressive sites, I find it unnerving there are Black Americans who just like the rest of the useful idiots on the left blames right for that which the left itself is guilty.

Wake up Black America.  Barack is feeding you a bad bill of goods and leading you down the road to serfdom.  It will be too late to wake up after you arrive.

Same-sex marriage, civil unions, whatever they want to call is not a CIVIL RIGHT nor will ever by a CIVIL RIGHT.

You can sign the petition in support of traditional marriage, http://www.100000signatures4marriage.com/.