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English: Portrait of US Rep John Mica

English: Portrait of US Rep John Mica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As I now openly support freshman Congresswoman Sandy Adams, I realize any criticism directed toward her primary opponent, 20 year incumbent Rep. John Mica, will be taken with a grain of salt.  Understandable.

In fact, I committed to easing away from critical pieces on this man for that very reason.  Yet, his very own actions refuse to allow me to follow through.  Someone has to call attention to the hustle that’s going on here.

While perusing through the news this morning, I come across an article in Politico titled, John Mica relishes role as mentor to House freshmen, and I almost fell out of my chair.  He ‘has a soft spot for the freshman class’?  Really???

You see, I know that not to be true.  That is, if you can take John Mica at his word.

In following the ‘Orrin Hatch’ playbook on how to minimize the impact of the tea party, Mica’s staff reached out to the local movement back in March to secure a meeting.  I happened to be at that meeting, having set it up….