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The Obama Campaign rolled out some new fonts on the campaign last week.  The typeface chosen for the word ‘America’ was starkly different that anything we had seen before. Buzzfeed’s Zeke Miller reported that the font was named ‘Revolution Gothic’ and that according to myfonts.com the typeface origin is seeded in Cuban Communist propaganda….




See images below:



And let us not forget Obama’s “Forward” poster and slogan.  While the “Forward” logo does not employ Revolutionary Gothic fonts, the message is Communist propaganda.

“Follow Mao closely forward through the storm.”

“Follow Mao closely forward through the storm.”

Yet not a word from the lame stream media.  What more proof do Americans need to realize that we cannot afford another moment, let alone four more years of this dictator?

Apparently, it never occurred to anyone in the Obama administration that the citizenry would actually take notice.  Or it may just be that these over confident Communists elitists do not give a damn.

There are far too many who say that this time it will work.  I beg to differ.  Communism is a failure.  It has never worked and it won’t work  now.

WAKE UP AMERICA send Barack Obama, his czars and Communist ideology packing.

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