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Draw the line in the sand America.  Refuse to support all things anti-American, from the White House to Hollywood, from Hollywood to the ballot box.  Hit them in their pockets and at the election booth.

Loud and clear as usual, Zo has once again nailed the target.

Obama hearts Hollywood and Hollywood hearts Obama and an ideology that would destroy our nation, our liberties while collapsing our economy and educational system.

Dumbing Down the Masses One Sequel at a Time - Motifake.

Dumbing Down the Masses One Sequel at a Time – Motifake.

Unfortunately it does not end with Hollywood, social media outlets are just as guilty.

Facebook  newsfeed - Motifake

Facebook newsfeed – Motifake

The elitist Progressive element of America have for far too long abused its power and access through Hollywood converting millions of susceptible Americans into mindless robots and wannabees, thus indoctrinating them into an ideology intolerant of free speech and opposing points of view.

We should have long ago drawn a line in the sand thus re-visiting to whom we give our dollars.

Financially or otherwise, we must refuse to support anyone and any entity whose ideology would destroy our nation, our liberties, collapse our economy, educational system and further divide.

Support only those individuals, businesses and entities that are pro-life, pro-liberty, and pro-America.

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