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Translation from Sharpton to Black America (once again) STFU.

So much for civility, tolerance and keeping it in the Black community, which spin masters like Al Sharpton, would prefer.  H/t Breitbart.

Surprised, NOT REALLY.

How dare Black Americans think for ourselves?  That is clearly the message of the day as Obama dispatches his pit bulls to castigate, subjugate and silence the voice of Black Americans starting with our pastors.

As long as Blacks remain silent, in check and support the Obama agenda, it is all good.  However, once any Black person steps forward in opposition, stands up for their beliefs that are not in line Obama, the attacks begin and almost always, they start with Sharpton, mouthpiece and lead overseer for Barack Obama and MSNBC mouthpiece.

Sharpton will not be the last to attack.  He is just one of many circling the wagons around their lord and master.  We can expect Marxist elitists with their sheepskins and titles who have anointed themselves the voice of Black America to spearhead a massive vitriolic attempt to silence Black Americans who do not subscribe to the rhetoric that gay rights/marriage is a civil right.

Well, they have their work cut out for them because the cat is out of the bag or shall I say the horse is out of the barn and these spin masters can scream as loud as they but Obama’s support of gay marriages is more than many in the Black community can or will swallow.

Self-anointed Black leaders are out of touch with the community, in denial or just less than honest in their assessment that Black Americans are on board with the bogus rhetoric that gay rights and marriage is a civil right.  It is not and no matter how one spins it, that dog simply will not hunt.

Want to start a family feud, divide a family down the middle or just get a good beat down from a few of the neighbors?  Just come home and announce to family and friends on the block that you are gay.

BOULYA!!!!!  It will not be pretty.  Of course, in time, it may work itself out or it may not but the truth is that Black Americans are not as tolerant of homosexuality as Progressives would have us all believe.   Far from it.

Moving on, will Black pastors and those Black Americans opposing gay marriage continue to stand their ground (no pun intended) or will they STFU as demanded by the likes of Sharpton?

The labeling by Progressives of every damned being a civil or human right is horse fodder, plain and simple.

Well done Barack and now apparently well done Sharpton.

UPDATE  Dr. Emmett Burns, the pastor in the video above who just a few days ago announced that would not vote of support Barack Obama because of Obama’s stance on gay marriage has to put it mildly, sold his soul.  Burns, like so many Black pastors, has changed his position and will now vote for Obama.

Anyone who watched Sean Hannity last night as Burns discussed the rationale behind his sweltering descent witnessed firsthand just how uncomfortable rather painful it was for the Reverend to even speak of his change of heart, ah hem, betrayal of belief and faith.