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The revelations that have come to light pertaining to the excessive spending and waste of taxpayer dollars by the GSA has opened a whole new can of worms for Progressives from the White House down. 

Inquiring minds want to know exactly how many other government conferences were held in Las Vegas at the expense of the taxpayer and how much.

A few days ago, in an obvious attempt to intimidate the GOP, Harry Reid who has intentionally not submitted a federal budget in over 1100 days had the audacity to make the following statement, “Mica, I repeat, should get a life and do what he’s supposed to do and get a highway bill out of the Congress to save or create 2.8 million jobs.”

Our Politicians

Remember that once Obama stepped foot into the White House, the $5 Trillion Man, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Frank and Dodd (to name a few), giggling like schoolgirls, immediately embarked on a spending spree breaking all records.  They squealed and grunted like pigs in a trough making every effort to exhaust and filch Treasury coffers and taxpayers.

Their actions so corrupt and the theft so thorough that it was not long before the chickens returned home to roost.




Therefore, let us delve into this can of worms and bring to the surface the pilfering, squandering, crony capitalism, paybacks and backroom deals by these money grubbing Marxists who will not stop until they have filched that final speck of lint from the pockets of every American.

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