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Cartoon by Glenn McCoy

Cartoon by Glenn McCoy.

As reported by ABC News back on March 26, 2012, “…The Rev. Al Sharpton will camp out with protesters in front of City Hall in Sanford, Fla., over Easter weekend as part of a  nationwide call for the arrest of George Zimmerman…”

So how did the occupation work out for the people of Sanford?  Enter April 9, 2012, the day after Easter Sunday, “Sharpton breaks promise to Trayvon supporters” who wrote, I guess Sharpton has decided there’s no more good publicity to be had out of Trayvon Martin’s death.  This is at all surprising considering we now know that the media released and correct information about the incident….”


As reported by The Daily Caller,

“…On Easter weekend, however, Sharpton is nowhere to be found in the central Florida town. Instead, according to his Twitter feed, he’s in Harlem.

‘On my way to MSNBC to do the Melissa Harris Perry Show live at 11 15 AM EST,’ Sharpton said in a tweet on Easter morning around 10:30 a.m. ‘Then I preach the Easter services at St. Lukes Baptist in Harlem.’

Sharpton also spent Saturday in Harlem, according to his Twitter feed. ‘I speak at the Saturday Action Rally at the House of Justice,’ Sharpton tweeted around 7 a.m. on Saturday. ‘Tune in live from 9-11 AM EST at http://www.nationalactionnetwork.net.’

The ‘House of Justice’ is located in Harlem…”

During Sharpton’s speech last month to the people of Sanford, Florida, he told them to “do the right thing.”  Apparently, the “right thing” for Sharpton was to hype up a race war with lies and false accusations of racism that would incite violence and create chaos all in the name of Barack Obama, correction, Trayvon Martin, no BARACK OBAMA and then run for cover, especially now that the lies and deception as laid out White House puppets, MSNBC and Al Sharpton has been exposed. 

Mission accomplished and the deception exposed, it is clear that Sharpton has now been ordered by the White House to dial this down and/or to step back and allow this legacy of hate to play itself out.

Barack Obama is such a fucking failure (pardon my language) and evil, dirty bastard that the only way that he can see himself winning the election is by dividing a nation to the point of an all out race war with Americans of all ethnicities shedding each other’s blood throughout the streets of America.

Disturbing isn’t it?