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“1.) IPAB rations health care

The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) was created in President Obama’s Health Care law to help cut $500 billion out of Medicare over 10 years. The only tool it can use for this purpose is formulaic cuts to reimbursements for doctors and hospitals. The panel is barred from implementing or even proposing real reforms that would change how Medicare works. Medicare reimbursement rates are already low. Cutting them further will of necessity force many providers to stop accepting Medicare patients. For rural and disabled Medicare recipients, this could greatly impede access to care. If IPAB’s cuts are allowed to take effect, it will inevitably lead to rationing and care denials.

2.) IPAB punishes Health Care providers

IPAB forces Health Care providers to choose between cutting off access to their patients and eventually going bankrupt. Right after ObamaCare passed, Medicare’s top numbers-cruncher, the Chief Actuary, estimated that IPAB’s 10-years cuts will cause 15 percent of America’s hospitals to go out of business. By the way, none of the IPAB members is allowed to be a practicing physician….”

Continue reading or view Freedom Works Document entitled, “Top Ten Reasons to Repeal IPAB Health Rationing Board” (pdf)